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What is FEI TV?

FEI TV & FEI TV on the Go are the official web and mobile video platforms of the Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI). Streaming all major FEI events live, with a huge range of video content available on-demand. FEI TV & FEI TV on the Go is a must have for every equestrian fan.

What FEI events do we stream?

We stream all major FEI World Cups, Championships and Events. For the season 2017-2018, we will bring you live & on-demand coverage of the Longines FEI World CupTM Jumping (Western European & North American Leagues) & the FEI World CupTM Dressage (Western European League). Every stage of the FEI Nations CupTM Jumping and the FEI European Jumping & Dressage Championships from Gothenburg (DEN) and Eventing from Strzegom (POL). The FEI World CupTM Driving 2017/18 and the FEI World CupTM Vaulting 2017/18 will be soon confirmed as well. There's always the most extended and exciting competition coverage available to FEI TV users!

How do I subscribe?

You can subscribe to FEI TV & FEI TV on the Go here!

How can I subscribe for one month or one day?

There is the option to purchase for a Monthly or, on special occasions, a Daily subscription pass can be purchased during the subscription process. Click here to purchase the Monthly pass!

My subscription is coming to an end, do I need to do anything?

Monthly & annual subscriptions will automatically renew until cancelled, allowing you to continue benefiting from all the great features of FEI TV.

If you've purchased a 24 hour subscription, this will not renew automatically and your subscription will be stopped automatically.

You are always free to cancel your subscription 5 days prior to the term of your subscription package date of termination.

What is my username?

Your username is created when you Register or Subscribe to FEI TV. If you are already registered or subscribed, your Username will appear in the My Account pages, accessible from the Homepage. If you are not yet registered or subscribed, Sign up now!

How do I update my personal details?

Update your personal details in the My Account Pages, accessible from the Homepage once you have Logged In to FEI TV.

What is my password?

Your password is also created when you register or subscribe. You can recover your password by clicking here.

I have forgotten username and password. What should I do?

You need to contact our Customer Services team if you have forgotten your email address and/or password.

Please email tv.support@fei.org

I have changed password, but still cannot access website

If you are still having issues logging in to FEI TV after changing your password, email our Customer Services team to check this for you.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payment by major credit and debit cards & PayPal. Sorry, we don't accept AMEX.

Are my Personal Details secure?

We take the safety of your personal data very seriously. We have put in place security measures to protect the confidentiality of your information in accordance to the law and relevant regulations.

Please refer to the Privacy Policy for more details.

Website is asking me to pay again although I am entering correct details

Your subscription may have expired. Please check the My Account pages.

If you're still unclear as to why this is happening, please email our Customer Services team to check this for you.

Is the service available on MAC OS?

Yes! FEI TV is fully integrated with MAC OS. Click here to access to all the live broadcasts, video-on-demand, highlights, interviews and much more!

Is the service available on Tablets and Smartphones?

Yes! FEI TV on the Go is available on Apple's iOS 9 and 10 (iPads, iPads mini & iPhones) and on Google's Android.

How to install FEI TV on the Go?

FEI TV on the Go can be downloaded and installed through the App Store for iPhone and iPad or the Google Play Store for Android smartphones. You can access to downloading the app relevant for your device here:


What content is available on FEI TV on the Go?

The majority of live events and a selection of video on-demand are available on FEI TV on the Go.

Do I need a FEI TV subscription to enjoy FEI TV on the Go?

The app can be downloaded for free where users can access selected VOD content. An FEI TV subscription is required to access the live content. Buy here!

Can I download videos?

No, you can't download videos from FEI TV but you get an unlimited access to your favorite live competitions and replay. Subscribe or Register now to enjoy the live and access to our video archive library.

Who manages FEI TV?

FEI TV & FEI TV On the Go is powered by the FEI's official OTT partner NeuLion Limited. You can have more details about NeuLion here http://www.neulion.com/

Cancellation process

We're sorry if you wish to cancel your FEI TV Subscription. Please see the option in the My Account pages.

How do I subscribe / unsubscribe from newsletters?

You can amend your settings for marketing communication in the My Account pages. Opt In users will receive emails from the FEI TV team promoting content and special offers etc. based on your subscription type.

Audio & Video Issues

How to get commentary

For the vast majority of the events on FEI TV, audio commentary is available. This is on the stream to the live player, with volume controls available for your use.

Content plays, but buffers frequently

FEI TV uses Adaptive Streaming. The player detects the highest quality of video available to you and streams accordingly. This can be manually overridden in the player, click on the Auto option, amend to manual and select a lower stream quality that better suits your connection.

If you're using FEI TV on the Go, the best possible stream quality is achieved using wireless connection.

Audio plays, but Video doesn't (or vice versa)

If you experience this with your player, please contact Customer Services and report the issue. We recommend that you reload your page first to ensure the issues is not related to 'cached' pages or content.

My player has a spinning circle and I cannot see live video

If you select Live content and the player shows a spinning circle, please contact Customer Services and an agent will review this immediately.

Technical Issues

System Requirements

Listed below are the requirements your computer will need to meet to access content on the site we provide, we have also included links where these programs can be downloaded for free.


Flash Player: http://www.adobe.com/support/flashplayer/downloads.html

If you already have Flash installed and reinstalling hasn't fixed the problem, you may need to perform a clean install of Flash.

Where do I get Flash Player

You can download the latest Adobe Flash Player here! This will allow you the enjoy the best features of FEI TV!

Flash player is not working

If the program page loads but you can't see the 'Click to Play' window, you may not have Adobe Flash Player installed on your PC.

Click here to Get Flash Player

Flash player has no sound

If you are having issues with sound in the Live player, please contact Customer Services.

Unable to hear commentary

Check that commentary is available for the event in the Live Schedule and that the volume in the player is activated.

If you are still experiencing issues, please contact Customer Services.


Internet Explorer https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/internet-explorer.aspx

Firefox https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/products/

Safari https://support.apple.com/downloads/safari

Google Chrome https://www.google.com/chrome/browser/desktop/


Windows: XP, Windows 7 & 8

Apple Macintosh: Snow Leopard (10.6) or Mountain Lion (10.7)


Windows Media Player 11 - 11.0.5721.5260 http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsmedia/player/11/default.aspx

Is Apple OS supported?

Yes! FEI TV is fully functional with MAC OS.

Do I need to accept cookies?

Cookies are small files, stored on your computer. For additional information and details about how FEI TV is using cookies, please read our Privacy Policy.

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